Access Pandora Radio App via the Pokki Platform

Access Pandora Radio App via the Pokki Platform

Pandora Radio application is a music app that offers you the opportunity of creating your own stations with the type of music you love and even provides you the choice of listening to this music, ad-free for a small fee. In addition, you can build up as many different stations as you want, so that you will frequently have just the correct station to suit your mood. You can access Pandora Radio app via the Pokki platform and on the web on your desktop.

Pandora Radio from Pandora Media is your own free bespoke radio and it is now available to stream music on both your iPad and iPhone. For effective use of Pandora Radio app, just begin by naming any of your preferred songs, artists or established composers. Before you know what is happening, Pandora will come up with a place that airs their music and even more music that is much like it.

You can use Pandora Radio app to initiate various exciting actions as it is brooking service where you inform the program of the types of music, artists, or songs you prefer. Based on your preferences, it will also create a custom radio station for you.

Furthermore, Pandora will go further to evaluate the musical substance of the artist or song you choose, making use of the Music Gerome Project, and it will also play some other music that shares a number of the vital qualities.

However, you don‘t need to create an account with the Pandora Pokki app before you can enjoy music from your desktop, unlike the web-based version. On the other hand, you must be located in the US to use this service. Remember your music preferences, if you want to register for Pandora Radio app. The process is a breeze and easy.

Note the fact that Pandora Radio app is made even better by integrating it into the Pokki platform.

However, the advertising on the side of the Pandora Radio app can be frustrating and you won‘t be able to shun radio ads in between particular songs. Moreover, it is better for you to give Spotify desktop app a try, if you are interested in listening to specific songs.


  • Finds out new music depending on your current tastes
  • You don’t need to register before you can start using this app
  • Improves the song selection when you vote on those songs you like 


  • Feature too much ads and this can be annoying

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