Pandora Radio App Features

Pandora Radio App Features

When it comes to streamlining music, Pandora Radio App is an amazing concept. You better try Pandora Radio, if you have never given it a try. Pandora station is a playlist that consists of a gen re or style of music and therefore not so much of a radio station. Regrettably, it is currently just available for the US users.

There are many cool and amazing things you can do with Pandora Radio App including the following:

Build a Radio Station for a Friend or Yourself

With this app, you could build your own radio station from the beginning by taking more active approach. You can choose to Add assortment to this station, when you click on the dropdown box for any of your new or existing (or new) stations.

When you click to build a brand new channel from scratch, Pandora asks you for an artist or a song that you desire. This is at all times the starting point for Pandora. Pandora knows from the moment you pick only one song, based on past user dislikes and likes.

Just going through the pre-built list of Pandora music and customizing it either by disliking or liking the individual songs is the next step. On the other hand, Pandora Radio App allows you to build a customized station that you believe your friends will feel affection for and send it to them.

To do this, click on Make a station for a friend gift icon located on top of the player window. It is this Make a station feature that actually tells your friends that you know them better than any other person – as you know their preferred music.

Play Music by Variety

With Pandora Radio App, you can also play music by genre unlike a typical radio station where a DJ comes up with the songs to play. You can create the type of music you like on Pandora. You can also build highly customized stations with ease, if you wish.

You can progressively customize the station closer to your liking by giving Thumbs up or Thumbs down to each song, once you have simply typed in a song, or chosen a genre or the artist you like when you first visit Pandora.


Lyric boosts the whole music-listening experience with Pandora Radio App. You will see a pop-up with the first paragraph of lyrics at the bottom of the screen whenever a song begins to play. Click on the Full Lyrics link to gain access to the lyrics for the complete song. If you listen to your music through the Pandora Radio App, you don’t need to surf the web for lyrics.

Share Music on Social Networks

You can also share music on social networks with Pandora Radio App. As a matter of fact, you can share the music you are listening to on Facebook or Twitter. However, don’t allow people to know the song, add a comment section to your post with Pandora comment box.

Discover other Listeners

Pandora is enthusiastically building a user community filled with people like you that have a love for music, if you are actually into music and you prefer talking with other people about artists and music. Under the Share tab, click on Find Other Listeners to discover people who like the same music or artists or music.

Just type in a song you love or the group you like, and you will see a list of other Pandora Radio App users who like similar thing. Click on the name to view the profile. You can check out other songs the user listened to or the songs they have bookmarked recently, on the profile page. You can as well them a message if you so desire.

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