Start listening Pandora Radio more than ever

Start listening Pandora Radio more than ever

The radio represents a feature that people use for relaxation, entertainment, and fun. The most important thing is having the radio in your car when driving, in the home for amusing and in many other places for spending a good time. There are many smartphone apps which are popular as radio features for making your time unforgettable.

In the beginning, Uber app was the most popular for this possibility and Spotify have integrated with Uber to make the music experience more appealing. Recently, pandora has announced its plans to integrate with Uber for driver customers. We cannot be sure about it how many drivers use Uber and Spotify combination, but now we are almost convinced that most of them will try this Pandora and Uber combination.

By introducing this combination, drivers will not have to switch from one app to another. They could start with pandora app, choose a favorite station and continue to enjoy the same place with many new possibilities. For the first six moths, Pandora will offer free ads and possibility of choosing radio station without interrupting it. After six months, paying option will be available for those who want to subscribe on ads. Some of the additional options include discounts and gas cards as well as station finder.

Uber will also add the option of aux cords for making your music choice expressive in any moment. However, the connection with Pandora will enable customers to lower the tone of music in a connected feature. The representatives in Pandora and Uber announced that people like music and relishing it on a regular basis. Anyway, it is a big challenge to adapt music and find the right one for both parties: drivers and riders.

This integration of Uber and Pandora providers will definitely have more advantages for Pandora. The official information shows that Pandora has only 40% of users under 30. The step as this will help Pandora with attracting younger users from Uber and promoting its services wider. However, Uber will also be satisfied with integration as both drivers and riders have the interest to try out new things in radio offer. As the number of active radio listeners constantly drops, it’s high time to coming up with changes and solutions in the music industry on smartphones.

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